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A small selection of digital illustrations and gifs I've had the opportunity to create for different projects and clients.
Mountain Gradient Study 1
Mountain Gradient Study 2
Uber Eats and Starbucks High Five Campaign Spring 2023
Outdoor Retailer 2020 Snow Show
Happy Holidays Animation
Holiday Party Email Banner - The Rushing 20's
Your Guide to Prime Day 2020
Building and Managing the Perfect Amazon Catalog
Remote Agency
COVID-19 & the Impacts on CPG
Amazon Q1 Call Recap_ What It Means for Brands
The Anatomy of a Good Amazon Advertising Strategy
What Happened on E-commerce in 2019 & What to Look Forward to in 2020
Content Is The Conversation
Embracing the Best, Worst and Most Frustrating Social Media Ads on Black Friday
Amazon’s Slow Recovery - What’s Back & What It Means for Brands
New Year
Control Is A Choice For Brands On Amazon
Unpacking Amazon’s Q4 Earnings Report
Two Changes that are Improving Amazon Brand Stores
Amazon Q2 Recap: The Capacity Conundrum
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